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sever your leg, please
it's the greatest day
when i grow up, i want to keep bees.
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Eventually, I will have something interesting to write in here.
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you guys, i am in such serious need of new, good music.

i am so tired of everything i listen to.  i listen to everything and am completely open.

people who should ESPECIALLY pay attention to this post (because they know what i like/i like what they like): ELEANOR, KSENIYA, ANDREA(on the off chance you have a free moment in Japan)

And of course, you.

Current Mood: bored bored

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hey, yo.

does anyone watch movies online? for free? that you don't have to download? if so, where?

i've tried hulu but aaron and i have watched everything on there. any other good sites?
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omg, sprinkles cupcakes.

my new obsession.

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10. jeney  (haha)
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13. no one, really
14. atomiccake (even though i don't know you)
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23. unseenkid 
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26. all
27. jeney 
28. ew no one
29. diamondnails  :-)
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my yoga teacher let class out early today due to the democratic national convention.

she ended class by saying "when you're ready, get up slowly and go home to your television sets. and i'm biased so this won't be happening next week"

today was almost too beautiful.

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more cat pictures
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